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Flexible SAP Recruitment

Having worked in Large and Medium Enterprise SAP projects ourselves for 20+ years, the following scenarios are born out of NBS having an excellent network of trusted consultants that we can call upon for out of the ordinary scenarios. As a result, we have been able to support clients through some difficult resourcing situations.

No request is too small or too strange. Flexible recruitment solutions lead to long term partnerships and underline our ethos to provide a ‘consulting approach to recruitment’.

  • (Very) short term assignments
    E.g. for Proof Of Concept (POC) projects, pre-studies, feasibility analysis, training.  Assignments as short as 1 week. We have even managed to provide an SME with a short resource at no cost!
  • Part time assignments
    Your budget may not allow for a full time resource. Or the work itself does not require someone full time but does require the work to be spread across a period of time. We have on many occasions found resources for our clients when all they wanted was a resource 2 days/week, or 4 mornings/week, etc.
  • Ad hoc or ‘pay as you need’
    We have agreements with some companies and resources where our client ‘calls off’ against a purchase order and they only pay for hours used. Of course the consultants involved are working full time elsewhere so there needs to be some flexibility on both sides.
  • Trial periods
    Where our client is unsure about commitment. We have secured a resource willing to take on temporary assignments in the knowledge and agreement that the client will hire them as an employee after 3 to 6 months.
  • Combine On- and Off-shore resources to create cost efficient teams
    Take advantage of the fact that we can recruit sub-contractors through our EU team and/or our India based teams.  E.g. Recruit a customer facing onshore consultant in Europe who does the analysis, writes specifications and sends the development work to be completed by an NBS India offshore resource.  NBS has all the infrastructure and management already in place to be able to commence such a service with one or two weeks notice.  You can do all this by dealing directly with one of SAP experienced co-owners based in the EU. So you have someone local to meet and talk with if issues arise.

Interested in a flexible solution to a recruitment problem, ENTER YOUR DETAILS to arrange for one of our SAP experienced leads to give you a call.

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