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SAP Recruitment for Candidates

We’re SAP to the core. NBS is owned by 3 SAP consultants each with 20+ years SAP experience. All have worked as sub-contractors for several years in large international end user companies and system integrators.

This means we understand what is important to you. NBS know SAP like no other SAP recruitment company. We understand the nature of your skill sets, their value to clients and the nature of the jobs that you’re looking for.

Due to our network, NBS take a proactive approach and look for roles that will suit you rather than you waiting for a specific role.

Our goal is to give you a stress free experience. Our internal admin is clear and organised and we always pay on time!

Our ambition is to grow our network of known, trusted consultants that we can work with again and again, on a long term basis, across multiple clients.

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Case Study

A difficult to fill requirement for a part time consultant in a niche skill to work in the UK that was needed “yesterday”. Having reviewed and analysed the requirement, we searched our internal SAP network. We called a consultant in our network who was able to refer a candidate. This candidate was ideal and he started the assignment 2 days later. And because we look after our network of expanding consultants, the consultant that gave us the recommendation received a referral fee.