What is common between the Apple Watch and SAP recruitment? (part 1)

by Net Business Solutions

If somebody asks you to tell them what comes to mind when you think of the Apple Watch, I am more than sure that SAP recruitment will  not be the  first thing you will think of.  However, these seemingly different things have something in common.

Money money money or You can’t buy time but you can buy the Apple Watch

It is not a secret that Apple products are desirable and pricey. The Apple Watch is no exception. It comes with a varying price tag: ranging from the basic model at £299 (GBP) to the 18-karat gold Apple Watch model costing a modest £13,500 (GBP).  Take a look at the infographic below to see how many Vueve Cliquot bottles or Dalmatian puppies you can buy for a price of a gold Apple Watch.

What is common between Apple Watch and SAP recruitment

Although it is sometimes difficult to understand how much SAP recruitment costs, there is no doubt that it can get expensive (time and money) to find a suitable niche skilled professional…. and even more expensive if you end up hiring the wrong candidate.  For Senior SAP professionals like SAP Program and SAP Project managers, finding the perfect SAP consultant is never about how much it will cost (within reason) but it is more about the value they will add to the project and how quickly they can “hit the ground running”. Recruiting the right candidate should always be about how quickly they can make a positive impact to the project, how quickly they can integrate and how quickly they can deliver results. This will ensure the best ROI for the SAP project.

Finding the right candidate is a time consuming and demanding activity for SAP recruiters. An SAP recruiter might spend weeks trying to spot an SAP consultant with very specific niche skills. Finding the perfect match candidate for a niche skill is even harder and requires the recruiter to have a real insight and understanding into the SAP project as well as deep SAP product and industry experience. This will allow them to question the requirement as well as look past a candidates CV and dig deeper to understand and justify how the SAP consultant can add value to the project.

So, it turns out that  it may be easier to buy a golden Apple Watch than to find the perfect SAP consultant. After all, once available on the market, Apple products are out there for anyone who wants and can afford them. That is certainly not the case when it comes to experienced and niche-skilled SAP consultants. Even though it’s true that SAP consultants come in some specific price tiers, they can not be strictly categorised when it comes to their experience. Moreover, SAP consultants are not mass-produced. That’s why discovering the right SAP consultant with the desired skills can be a very difficult and costly task.

Specialist vs. Generalist OR more specifically…. Would you take your Apple Watch to a watchmaker?

Imagine you have the Apple Watch and one day it stops working. What would you do? Would you take it to a regular watchmaker next-door? Probably not. Instead, it would be best to take it to an Apple store as there are specialists who know the product well. They are the ones who can help you because they understand their product and are aware of the kind of pitfalls associated with their Apple product. It makes sense to go to specialist instead of a generalist.

This is true with SAP recruitment too. It is no surprise that HR and procurement teams focus more and more towards securing a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) with pre-agreed margins, processes, etc. with typically large generalist recruitment agencies. However, SAP recruitment is an area where using a Specialist approach instead of a generalist one can add real value to a project. If you need to find niche, recommended or pre-qualified SAP Consultant, SAP Architects or SAP Managers for your project it is best to speak to an SAP specialist.

“SAP professionals working in recruitment, rather than recruiters working in SAP.”  is the motto of our SAP recruitment company – Net Business Solutions (NBS). NBS was  founded 17 years ago and is run by former SAP Project Manager and SAP Architects who have more than 20 years of SAP experience each.

Multi-national clients almost always have PSLs and initially tend to regard NBS as too small and too specialised for consideration for their PSL. However, over the last 10 years, NBS has been engaged by these companies to work alongside their PSL as a niche, specialist SAP recruitment partner and get called upon regularly for ‘difficult’ requirements.

NBS is SAP to the core because of our unique experience and specialism, we can fully understand, qualify and if needed help re-write a SAP requirement and then go onto find, pre-interview and recommend the right SAP candidate just as Apple product professional  can take care of the Apple Watch.

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