What is common between Apple Watch and SAP recruitment? (part 2)

by Net Business Solutions.

If somebody asks ‘What comes to mind when you think about the Apple Watch?’, I am sure that SAP recruitment is not the first thing that you will think of. However, these two seemingly different things have something in common. In our previous article we discussed what makes SAP recruitment similar to Apple Watch. In this blog post we will continue the topic by sharing some more insights.

High performance and other heights.

It is undeniable that both SAP and Apple are well known brands. According to 2015 BrandZ’s top 100 Global Brands list, Apple ranked number one with a brand value of GBP 160 billion. It is mostly thank to iPhone 6 and the new product – Apple Watch. In the same list SAP ranked 24th and it has increased its brand value by 299% from 2006 to 2015. According to the current data, SAP brand value is GBP 25 billion.

Here is what SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott comments on SAP’s performance in Q1 earnings of 2015:

The products of both – Apple and SAP – are in high demand. For example, Apple Watch sold more in a day than Android Wear did in 2014! Accordingly, in 2015 SAP has released its most innovative product – in-memory database S4HANA which gained 9000 customers just in several months.

How Apple Watch influences SAP recruitment

Large (and Medium) Enterprises use ERP software to run their business processes and need powerful Business Analytics solutions to make and respond to the vast amount of data they gather. Higher demand on ERP and Business Analytics means that more companies possibly choose to use SAP solutions and that generates workload and opportunities for SAP recruitment specialists.

For instance, did you know that SAP creates apps for the Apple watch? What’s interesting is that both Apple and SAP are known for being innovators and their decision to cooperate lead to success and growth of both companies. The more popular Apple Watch becomes, the more work there is for SAP consultants and, of course, SAP recruiters. I am certain that Apple wants the best SAP consultants to work on their apps. However, choosing the right SAP consultants is a demanding task which should better be given to SAP recruitment specialists instead of general recruiters. After all, to find the specialists you need to use specialists. SAP isn’t something anyone can turn their hand to!

What is common between Apple Watch and SAP recruitment?

Net Business Solutions (NBS) was founded 17 years ago and is run by formal SAP consultants who have more than 20 years of SAP experience. NBS is SAP to the core. Because of their unique experience and specialism, they can identify and recruit the SAP experience as smoothly as Apple store workers can take care of the Apple Watch.

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