Client testimonials Net Business Solutions (NBS)

Client testimonials

“We have experienced a high level of quality in the delivery, which reiterates our belief that NBS has boosted our confidence during the implementation of various SAP applications in the company.  NBS has a very good and dedicated team of people. We appreciate your contribution and that of the team…”
Vice President Finance, Leading Sugar & Power Industry, India

“In my 35 years in IT, I have worked with and come across several professionals and companies, NBS being one of them. But what sets NBS and its team apart is a highly focused & efficient methodology that never fails to deliver.”
Application Head, Largest Construction Company, India

“NBS has demonstrated themselves to me as a supplier who is both extremely competent and committed to excellence. Recently our project was in a pinch situation where we needed a highly skilled technical resource quickly to keep our project on track. NBS responded with an extreme sense of urgency and brought several very bright candidates to the table for interview. Within a week we had identified the right individual who came in and put us back on track in a very quick fashion. In all of my dealings with NBS, there is one attribute which stands out time and time again; that attribute is their commitment to customer service. No matter what my needs are resource wise, I can always count on NBS to bring strong talent to the table.
BM, Logistics Lead, Manfacuring and Services Industry, Sweden

“We have worked with Net Business Solutions since 2006 and they have always met and even exceeded our expectations when it comes to qualified SAP resources. Their practical SAP knowledge differentiates them from other recruiting companies and their main feature is speed. Their professional network and way of working based on referrals and recommendations sets them apart. Diversified in skills but with a specific business model ready to deliver. I would without hesitation recommend NBS to any company in need of SAP expertise.”
HO, Key Account Manager, Recritment Industry, Sweden

“We have partnered with NBS on a number of projects over the past year and have been very satisfied with the results. Their hands on knowledge of SAP projects and therefore understanding of our resource requirements has helped us turn around potential project resourcing pains into competitive delivery advantages. They have consistently delivered suitably matched key critical SAP candidates from Europe and India to the high standards that our clients expect. Their approachable yet professional style and efficient delivery makes it easy for me to recommend NBS.”
MS, CEO, SAP Consulting Partner, Sweden

“We have tested NBS’s ability and SAP expertise on several occasions with usually urgent and difficult to fill requirements without ever being disappointed. The fact that we have had a NBS SAP Project Manager on hand to discuss and help us detail our requirement, and then present us with pre-interviewed SAP candidates has removed considerable workload and stress away our own SAP project managers. It is truly unique to find a recruitment company that offers experienced SAP consultants to help recruit sap resources. NBS are a true recruitment ‘consultancy’.
RM, Director, SAP Consulting Partner, United Kingdom

Candidate testimonials

“Bimal and Sanjay were very supportive and respectful during the whole contracting process. They also even helped me booking the flights and the hotel, and gave me lots of tips about the company. Everything was very straight and with no bullshitting. You can see that they have been consultants before being recruiters, and that makes a difference, because they know a consultant needs. After, during the contract period I was completely backed up by them and got contacted several times to see if everything was running okay. It has been a pleasure working with them.”
SG, SAP BI Consultant, Spain

“I have been working as a SAP consultant since 1998 and from 2009 as a ‘contractor’. I first got in contact with NBS in March 2009 when a previous long time contract had ended. The global financial crisis had made the SAP market a bit cold and you couldn’t enjoy the smorgasbord of SAP projects any more. I was in contact with quite a few SAP agencies, big and well known as well as small, but NBS was by far the SAP agency that was the most professional and engaged and was in regular contact with me with proposals for different roles. In May 2010 I was then given a role in a big migration project in Sweden (by NBS of course) and for me the personal relation you get with the NBS crew and the other SAP consultants using NBS is very valuable. Your network will grow and so will your skills. So if you want to join a professional team….don’t hesitate to get in touch with NBS.”
TJ, SAP cut-over manager, Sweden

I have worked for NBS now since January 2010. Prior to that i have contracted for around 7 years. NBS have always been honest and professional with myself and have always been there for me to support me and  answer any questions I have. An important part of contracting is getting paid and NBS have always been on time and accurate with this. The fact that they themselves have been contracting adds value as they know exactly how contracting works from the consultant perspective. In short, I have found NBS to be one of if not the best agency I have ever worked for. They are knowledgable, respectful and professional and I would highly recommend them to any contractor or client considering working with them.
JB, SAP Integration Manager, Australia

“I have been contracting with NBS for many years, their professionalism and expertise in putting the right contractor in the right job is second to none. Using recruiters coming from a SAP background really helps. They are able to fully understand my skill-set, and look beyond the SAP buzzwords to be able to read between the lines when matching me against potential roles.”
AH, SAP Basis Consultant, United Kingdom

“I have been a contractor with NBS for nearly 4 years. They have always transparently represented my interests towards the end Client. Having been contractors themselves they fully understand a contractor’s priorities such as negotiating rates, getting paid on time, chasing contract renewals and contractor night out. When my current contract ends I would be happy to continue with NBS for another Client, or work through NBS in the future. I would have no reservations to recommend fellow contractors to contract through NBS. If a potential NBS contractor wants to talk to a NBS contractor as a reference then they can call me.”
AS, SAP Basis and Portals Consultant, Czech Republic

“Besides being good with sourcing SAP consulting opportunities, they also have been diligent about asking about how my existing client engagements are progressing to help me further with career opportunities. NBS has been very flexible in working with me. Given my frequent travels, relocations within Europe, US and India in the recent past, this flexibility has really helped me.
SG, SAP SRM Consultant, India

“I have known the individuals behind Net Business Solutions, since its inception. They understand the market better than most because they have sat on both sides of the fence, as Service Receivers and now as Service Providers. Whilst the company has grown rapidly, its defined mission and ethos has remained unchanged, to source the right consultants for its clients, unlike some of its competitors. They value existing business whilst retaining the loyalty of its workforce, a formula that simply works. I am a witness to their success.”
SM, SAP BI & Basis Consultant, United Kingdom

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