5 Reasons to look beyond your PSL for SAP People

by Net Business Solutions

In a mature market, finding the right SAP people can be a little trickier than normal because it is such a vast and yet specialist area of recruitment.  

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider looking beyond your PSL when recruiting SAP people:

5 Reasons to look beyond your PSL for SAP People

  1. Niche is better. Consider using a company that specialises in SAP.
  2. SAP knowledgeable recruiters. The SAP suite of applications is huge and there are many nuances to be read into positions with the same title. Wouldn’t it be great to discuss your requirements with a recruiter that happens to be an SAP consultant?
  3. Keep your PSL partner on their toes. Competition keeps people sharp and hungry!
  4. Tap into a NEW network of SAP consultants, not just the ones that advertise and watch job portals
  5. Improve the quality of candidates you receive. Using an SAP knowledgeable expert to perform candidate selection will increase your hit rate to save you and you hiring managers time and money

As SAP consultants ourselves, we’re niche enough and specialist enough to tick all the boxes above. In fact, we work with several Large and Medium enterprises already. Feel free to contact us for a chat about how we can help solve your SAP Recruitment woes.

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